Who is michael baisden dating

10 Sep

Michael Baisden (born June 26, 1963) is a nationally syndicated radio personality and host of The Michael Baisden Show.The show is currently syndicated by Baisden Media Group in partnership with Supe Radio and AURN (American Urban Radio Networks).One woman boldly shouted, “Girl, don’t marry that bum!Michael poses this question to his male and female listeners.

Unless you’re going to eat fast food and go the matinee movie, it’s not cheap! And what about the woman expenses such as baby sitters, gas, etc.?

Even the most modest date can set you back 100 bucks! And lastly, once intimacy happens is the man expected to contribute financially to her household, her shopping and up keep, and should be be expected to engage with her children?

This is a must listen to podcast for anyone in the dating game.

Someone tagged me on this Facebook question radio personality, Michael Baisden posed…When I read it I almost couldn’t believe the question. I responded briefly because there were about 18,000 various responses, and from what I saw, a lot were like, “Yeah! I’m glad to see there’s more discussions on this, and that more black women are FINALLY opening their minds to how many options they truly have.

A black, male radio host, entrenched in the the black community, doesn’t know WHY black women dating interracially is STILL a problem? LOL…but some folks are gonna be upset when a bunch of us do it…Outside of external social consequences, I find that many black women stand in their own way of happiness too.