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19 Jul

The bottom line is – students should become VERY familiar with the first prompt they are given.* Once they have identified the task of the prompt/ what is being asked of them, they should WRITE A CLEAR THESIS STATEMENT in response.

If they have immediate ideas for evidence that can be used to support their thesis, I encourage them to jot those ideas down below to help out the next guy, but they are only responsible for the thesis.

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This kind of recognition emboldens teachers to get involved and keep pushing things further.

How do you hold an engaging, informative and worthwhile staff meeting for 130 staff? Every presenter was a real teacher from our staff, presenting real use of technology in their classroom. Presenters were told to wave away any questions like “but how do I login” with a hand wave and a, “oh, you can cover that stuff later”.

This was the question I had to ask myself when the principal asked that I do some “technology stuff” at the next staff meeting. I’ve been speed dating before and I’m not ashamed to admit it. A few drinks for social lubrication then the night begins. Spend 10 minutes in each room, then the bell goes and you move on. It was authentic professional development from those at the coal face. Oh, that technology tool won’t work in your particular classroom?

Teachers talking about similar tools they use, about how it could work in their classroom, asking each other questions about certain things. This format wasn’t overly taxing on our teachers, as they only needed to talk in broad terms about a tool they were using and liking in their own classroom.

Anybody can talk for five minutes on a topic they’re interested in.