Report by jim regarding russian and ukraine dating and scammers asain dating sites

15 Apr

Investigator John Harper heads his firm’s Eastern European investigations team and answers a few questions about the challenges of due diligence in the former Soviet sphere.Harper is lead investigator for Russia PI™—a wholly owned subsidiary of Wymoo International, a Florida-based professional private investigation company specializing in international background checks and due diligence.He established a patriarchal-oligarchic police state in Russia; the now universally despised Ukrainian president-in-exile, Viktor Yanukovich, was well on his way to establishing one in Ukraine; the leaders of Belarus and the Central Asian republics have established similar repressive polities.Russophone Ukrainians have real fears about Ukraine’s new leaders.In contrast, Ukrainian men hardly ever message her—"it's not in [their] nature."But the messages she receives, she said, are invariably dull.

The firm’s goal, says Harper, is “to lower the risk for businesses and individuals looking to do business in a foreign country, lower the risk for online dating, and to verify companies and individuals met via the internet.” Harper has been a private investigator for a decade, and he worked in law enforcement and military investigations prior to joining Wymoo®and Russia PI. Each country is slightly unique in its criminal activity and approach to dating scams.

If you were born after 1985 you have no remembered reality to measure against this false vision, just as you have no way to situate those charming Soviet musical comedies of the 1960s and 1970s, idyllic portrayals of an idealised Russophone socialism, brightly coloured and fun, propaganda now in a way they weren’t when they were made.

This is the context that has made it possible for Vladimir Putin and his government to sell Russia’s opportunistic invasion of Ukraine to his own people and to Ukrainian neo-Soviets: the idea that it undoes what should never have been done, an artificial division of Russian-speaking Eurasia by fascists/the West/America/rabid Ukrainian nationalists – in neo-Soviet discourse, avatars of a single anti-Russian monster.

I chatted with Natalya Galugan, a pretty 26-year-old from Kryvyi Rih.

She said she gets up to three messages a day from men, "90% from Muslim countries" like Egypt, Turkey and Jordan.