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24 Jul

Subscribe to our Basic plan onward to increase the limit to 2,000 calls per hour (48,000 daily).

If you require more flexible limits, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The API returns the status of requests using the HTTP status code: You can use the Admin API quite extensively.

We ask that you keep your ongoing API requests limited to 500 per hour (12,000 daily) when using our Free plan.

The administrative API allows full control of all uploaded raw files and images, fetched social profile pictures, generated transformations and more.

The following are just a sub-set of actions that you can achieve with the Admin API: Authentication is done using Basic Authentication over secure HTTP. Like any REST API, read-only requests are sent in HTTP GET while write requests are sent in PUT, POST and DELETE.

You can then specify this value as the next_cursor parameter of the following listing or deletion request.

Fun fact: A Baobab, or events won't be, at least by default, fired until next frame.Your Cloudinary API Key and API Secret are used for the authentication. Listing methods of the API return a limited set of results ordered by the creation time of the relevant entities.You can control the number of results returned in a single request by specifying the max_results parameter. There is a maximum number of results you can request for a single API call (either 100 or 500 for the various methods). When a listing request has more results to return than max_results or when a deletion request has more resources to delete than 1000, the next_cursor value is returned as part of the response.Please make sure that you have revert to original name statuses at their default places - e.g. "converted", "junk lead" for leads) or at the very beginning (e.g."unassigned" for leads) - otherwise not all of your statuses will be displayed.