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29 Mar

They will be able to subscribe to reports via their mobile phones from the state-run Rodong Sinmun newspaper.On Monday, China’s Xinhua news agency said its correspondent had become the first foreigner to surf the Internet from a cell phone inside North Korea, with the journalist reporting that the new service is fast and “unrestricted.” An Associated Press reporter has begun tweeting from Pyongyang and has posted a photo that is believed to be the first Instagram from a cell phone inside the country: a sepia-toned image of street-side propaganda poster praising scientists for their work on this month’s nuclear test.Obviously, there's enough curiosity about Google Android to attract buyers; and in fact, preorders for the G1 have already sold out.However, it doesn't quite offer the mass appeal and ease of use of an i Phone, so the G1 isn't a good fit for anyone making the jump from a regular cell phone to their first smartphone.Before the new service was switched on, those passing through could not call 000 or 112 in an emergency.Ms Woolford said that was a major concern, because many tourists tended to head north without doing their research first.

Tourists passing through could not call emergency services or use online maps.

Officials told the Associated Press last week that foreigners would have mobile access to the global Internet by the end of the month.

North Koreans, however, will be allowed to access only certain 3G services, including SMS and MMS messaging and video calls.

Cell phone signal amplifier (also referred to as signal booster or direct signal amplifying station) is designed to solve cell phone signal blind.

In some location such as remote area from base station, high-rise, basement, location behind by building, underground civil air defense projects, subway stations, elevator and many other places, cell phone can not be used due to receiving signals fail.