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30 Sep

I have 20 years of experience working as a school counselor-educator.I bring a skill set to the coaching partnership that's steeped in experience.""As a Board Certified Life Coach my work is focused on coaching adults and children, people who want to find healing, wellness and new perspectives within their work, family and personal lives.

I provide a safe & judgement-free environment to process & address sexual identity and sexual lifestyle.

Bridgeport police now say Ramos slept with a second student.

Police say the sex happened in April at a restaurant in Shelton.

Synergy Conseling""It is my philosophy that counseling is an endeavor to help those who have suffered emotional injury to gain self-esteem and ability to function autonomously leading a rewarding and productive life.

"Let's set & reach those 2017 goals for your relationship! Sexual dysfunctions such as low libido, vaginismus, ED, and other male & female sexual dysfunctions?