Stiletto 2 updating library

15 Feb

In order to do this we need to have an instance of two.

So please give back to the KOD community with any useful information you may come across or already know. 6/28/07Tyler Logsdon did some testing with the Cobrahn Arun Staff and found it also gives 2 Psi skill for Ments and is not a Healer only Staff.Thanks for this information and I have updated the Cobrahn weapons page with this information!Posted By: Tantheus Date: 2/27/2004 Most information gathered on this site was taken from the Referenced Fan site links and Drakkar forums. If you're already loading these files elsewhere then you can build the project yourself and get the file size even smaller.For more information on Before we get into all the fancy animating it's good to get a feel for how to make shapes in