Who is hosea chanchez dating now

15 Feb

“ When a guy asks for a date, there would be no date word mentioned.

They just say “Let’s hang.” Beware, woman, there is a various way that guy would ask for a date and that can be a fascinating hangout.

Talking to his love life he is said to be a married man who married his girlfriend.

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According to Chanchez, before their March 2013 fall-out, Hall had already distanced himself from their friendship.“No, actually before whatever happened on social media, I hadn’t talked to Pooch since then.

Hosea Chanchez (born September 12, 1981), also credited as Hosea, is an American actor best known for his recurring role on For Your Love and the quarterback football player Malik Wright on The CW/BET sitcom, The Game.

Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Chanchez spent most of his childhood in Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia.

Let’s talk about Adrian Lee of ‘The Secret Life of American Teenager’ who claims to have awkward dating experiences.

California-born actress Rasia while talking about the role in Christmas Bounty 2013, in an interview, chatted about her film, dating frustrations and comparison of her with Kim Kardashian.