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21 Oct

It was only when I got home that I noticed that it was missing,” Calautit said.She said she was not able to report the matter to the police.Which should take precedence—the people’s right to “telecommunicate” or their right to protection of their lives?

The PCTO said that while it agreed with the objective of reducing crime perpetrated through cell phones using unregistered SIM cards, it did not agree with the proposed method of doing so.

Calautit expressed hope that the person behind the series of bomb hoax in Cebu City would be arrested.

“I hope the real culprit will be identified and placed behind bars,” the mother of a nine-month-old boy said. Joel Doria, director of the Cebu City Police Office, said they are coordinating with the Anti-Cybercrime Unit to identify the real caller.

Cebu City authorities traced the male caller who made the bomb hoax to a resident in Ilagan City, Isabela province.

led to the suspension of classes in all 58 public elementary schools and 54 high schools.