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18 Sep

Final surface is going to be doped fabric so some hints on what kind of paint spec. What I would love to know for sure is: * What was the actual DTD spec for the above colours for use on fabric circa 42/43 so I can correctly quote them in the build log? * Are the published BS 381c spec's actually accurate?

* Is it easy to get a paint supplier to supply the right kind of spec to that colour? There used to be an RAF Museum handbook with accurate paint swatches contained therein. Another good place is the modellers, who have chapter and verse on colour.

Now with The Guns Random Text Messages from various WWE/TNA superstars. Read, Review, Love Rated M: Because anything under is lame. SEQUEL to 'THE DEAL' Chris Jericho gets the interview of his life when he manages to get Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels in the same room together. Following a Skittle fiasco, Punk has brought his anger to new heights. A Candy War, and the only weapons allowed are candy. Wonder what on earth possessed Shawn to wear that thing around his neck? the WWE wrestlers get a little too upclose and personal with one another, Trapped in Slash stories they try to figure out a way to get out... rating is upped due to very suggestive theme Long awaited sequal to Stranded. How does the other half of DX deal with being sick? Can he save the boy from the ghosts of his past, the demons in his head?

Character: Jeff Hardy was selected because well, most are from him...but, there are many others DX is back and continues to wreck havoc on Raw. But this interview reveals more than just the story you know. The warriors, Matt and Jeff must stop him, but what happens when Jay and Adam get involved? The reason provides Hunter with plenty of new teasing material on his best friend..course, Shawn doesn't find it so funny. What happens when he ends up falling for the boy despite him having eyes for another?

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As you can tell from a lot of my stories, I am a slash writer. When life gets too much, write it down in a journal.

The more I read the more doubt seems to arise over some of the pages I reference are correct.

So a final stab in the dark for some accurate info from someone who may have actually of painted an aircraft. The standard 4 wartime aircraft colours (as per 1943) I need to accurately reproduce on a real (not model) aircraft are the classic Dark Earth, Dark Green, Trainer Yellow and Night Black.

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