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04 Jan

The feeling is that with the Emmanlina gimmick never starting and Eva Marie gone, that they need someone with the super hot girl gimmick to add some diversity to the mix of good wrestlers and athletic types they already feature.However, one of the biggest questions that have remained in Lana's makeover is what will come of her on-screen relationship with Rusev.Many people think that she is dating Dolph Ziggler, but this is NOT the case.Dana is dating professional body builder: Dallas “Big Country” Mc Carver. 💪🏼 #mcm is to this stud @dallasmccarver ❤️ I am thousands miles away, and he still makes me feel like I’m right by his side! Thank you for everything you do & make me smile & laugh minus my “tickle attacks” bc I know self defense!

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Like, I don't know how How does she And, but otherwise, we're buddies.

Del Rio reported was visiting the world famous theme park with his kids.

The real question is how genuine is the whole relationship?

The new presentation of Lana as a dancing showgirl has been an odd transition from her role as the Ravishing Russian who walks her real-life husband, Rusev down to the ring.

It's been reported that Lana is essentially picking up the Emmalina gimmick that was abandoned when WWE officials felt Emma couldn't quite pull off the character after months of teasing her arrival.