C programming validating user input Free erotik chat games

19 Jul

if you had two numbers then you'd verify each was a number, and for the first number read in from the stream you'd multiply it by 10 and add it to the second 1.for instance if the user inputs: 97 you'll have char1 = Char(); char2 = Char(); //right here char1 is '9' and char2 is '7' char1-='0'; char2-='0'; //right here char1 is 9, and char 2 is 7 char1 *= 10; //char1 is now 90 and char2 is 7 char3 = char1 char2; char3 is now 97.

I would also like to produce an error box if anything other than a number is entered. Since I perform math operations on the numbers I've already written the code to convert the text to float. This function reads only single character at a time.You can use this method in the loop in case you want to read more than one character from the screen.In nearly all secure programs, your first line of defense is to check every piece of data you receive.If you can keep malicious data from entering your program, or at least keep it from being processed, your program becomes much harder to attack.