Updating microchip pet information

24 Aug

Wouldn't you want your pet's home contact information registered on the most reliable, free animal identification database in the world?It is the best insurance you'll ever have, because it's FREE for the life of your pet and can be used by anyone with ANY BRAND of microchip.So you headed to your vet and had the simple procedure done — your dog was in and out in minutes, and you had peace of mind. When to update This one is actually pretty simple and straightforward, and half of the answer has already been covered.There are really only two reasons why you would need to update your dog’s microchip information.in increasing your chances that you'll be reunited with them should they run away, get lost, be stolen, or otherwise disappear in the blink of an eye from your life. While having the microchip implanted is a super important step, it's not the only one.It's equally as important that you (1) your contact information in one (or multiple) of the pet microchip registries listed below, and (2) check regularly to ensure that your contact information is always up-to-date in case the worst happens.So, if you never registered your pet's microchip or if you're unsure if you did or whether or not your contact information is up-to-date, please read on.Your pet's safety, as well as your peace-of-mind depends on it. After all, properly registered and microchipped pets make their lives SOOOOOO much easier and help to keep the shelters less full.

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The first example above is an ISO 134.2 k Hz microchip. The second and third examples above are non-ISO microchips (125 k Hz or 128 k Hz frequency).

By Josh Weiss-Roessler Because you’re the Pack Leader, you got your dog microchipped.

You wanted to make sure that she could be found and brought back to you even if her dog tag was lost or removed. You just moved to a new place, and it occurred to you that it’s probably a good idea to update the information on your dog’s microchip. Do you need to go to your dog’s new vet to have the chip removed and re-implanted so they can change the information? Are there other times when you should update the information?

They should not be registered with dashes, spaces or any other symbols. If you try to register an invalid microchip number, you will instantly receive a message telling you that the ID is not valid and to try again.

If you are unsure of what your pet's correct microchip ID is, contact the facility where you adopted your pet, or where you had the microchip implanted.