Dating irc servers

08 Mar

Quake Net is a large IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network.People from all over the world connect to Quake Net to communicate, organise and hang out and you can use any common IRC client to join in or use our web chat application to join directly from your browser.Those of you familiar with IRC can join #r/leagueoflegends on irc.If you would prefer to use a client, there are many available depending on your operating system.

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It turned out that the hard drive that failed on the server was only used by the live snapshot backup system and that the main drive is still working after removing the failed drive.

This means that windows created inside one split window cannot be moved to another split window without some effort.

For example you could have following window layout: When you are in win#1 and press ALT-6, irssi jumps to split window #3 and moves the efnet/#channel2 the active window.

Indiegogo has someone wanting to produce a dragon dating simulator game.

It looks a little hokey, but the artwork's decent and the humor looks reminiscent of the old text adventure games on DOS.