Updating opensolaris

28 Aug

Java is part of the Oracle Solaris 11 system software.

Usually, best practice is to update system software together, as a tested-together supported set.

updating opensolaris-29

If you try to install a different version of a package whose version is constrained by an incorporation, you will receive an error message and the update or install operation will fail.

For my primary desktop I stick with the released version of Open Solaris 2009.06 (snv_111b) and I live vicariously through all you cowboys out there that run along the edge.

The development builds of Open Solaris provide access to some great new features, but they also commonly bring with them some great new headaches.

The In that enhancement request you'll find a workaround, which I'll walk through in more detail here.

In this example I'm going to upgrade from build 128 to 129, while the current development build is 131: [email protected]:~# pkg contents -m entire | moreset name=value=pkg://opensolaris.org/[email protected],5.11-0.1091125T051747Zset name=value=sparc value=i386set name=pkg.summary value="Build 128 entire incorporation"set name=description value="Build 128 entire incorporation"set name=pkg.description value="This package constrains package versions to those for build 128.