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23 Apr

There is widespread concern that elections around the globe commonly suffer from major flaws, whether from violence and conflict, corruption and coercion, or vote rigging and fraud.

In longstanding democracies, as well, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, there are worries about the risks of potential suppression of voters’ rights, impersonation at the polls, and technological vulnerability to hacking.

EUROPE Overview: Europe endured terrorist threats from a variety of sources in 2016, including foreign terrorist organizations operating out of Iraq and Syria, such as ISIS and al-Nusrah Front (al‑Qa’ida’s affiliate in Syria), and from European foreign terrorist fighters who had returned to Europe to conduct attacks.

In the face of increased military pressure in 2016, ISIS pursued mass‑casualty terrorist attacks against European symbolic targets and public spaces.

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More recently, there is widespread concern that populism may undermine public confidence in democratic elections and worsen the performance of elections, including through foreign interference in democratic contests.

PEI-5.0 expands coverage of elections held worldwide during 2016.

Risk Analysis Units continued to operate at major ports of entry and internal transit points to interdict potential foreign terrorist fighters.All info subject to change, correction, frequent updating.Comments, tips, and corrections are welcomed and appreciated. The 18 Forester will do well because its a great, practical car but many people will wait for the 19 redesign..Concurrently, violent extremist groups espousing left-wing and nationalist ideologies, such as the Turkey-based Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), respectively, continued to operate within Europe.By virtue of its location, the presence of international transport hubs on its territory, and its long border with Syria and Iraq, Turkey remained an important transit route for foreign terrorist fighters entering and departing the conflict areas.