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10 Mar

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Israelis who are aware of them in their midst—and think that it matters and they have to do something about it—tend to be Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox.

The most visible of these groups is the anti-missionary group Yad L’Achim was portrayed rather unsympathetically in an investigative report by Israel Channel 1 in 2011, which pleased Messianic Jews there for its treatment of what they consider to be harassment and even persecution by the ultra-Orthodox.

There are no hard numbers, but there are thought to be approximately 10-20,000 Messianic Jews living in Israel.Messianic Jews believe that Jesus is the Jewish messiah, and that the Bible prophesizes that God's plan is for him to return to Jerusalem, prevail in an apocalyptic battle with the Antichrist, and rule the world from the Temple Mount.Unlike Jews for Jesus, which focuses on bringing Jews into churches, Messianic Jews seek to make Jews believers in Jesus while still maintaining congregations that identify as Jewish and observe Jewish customs and holidays." he asks, referring to a long-defunct establishment in Montgomery County, Maryland, where I live and where Intrater grew up and lived until he moved to Israel with his wife and four children 20 years ago.(My grandfather's name actually was Max Posner, but he didn't live in Maryland or own a delicatessen.) "Our family was friends with his family," Intrater adds, in a moment of nostalgia for his Jewish childhood on a blazing hot July day in Yad Hashmonah, a commune about 20 minutes northwest of Jerusalem.