White men dating black women oprah

22 Jan

Oprah traveled to Zurich, Switzerland, recently to attend the wedding of Tina Turner who has lived in the tony Zurich suburb of Küsnacht since 1995.

Earlier this year, Turner made the headlines for accepting Swiss citizenship while simultaneously renouncing her US citizenship, presumably for tax reasons.

“Lindsey’s going to do what she wants, no matter who’s against it,” the insider shared.

Meanwhile, Lindsey is training for the 2015 World Alpine Championship.

If I had, I'd have been more familiar with his propensity for immature, salacious banter and outrageous antics.

If I had, I'd have known that somewhere along the line, Mayer imagined he'd received an invitation-only entry into the African-American inner circle.

What Mowry experienced is just a small taste of what the intolerance mob dishes out against people “of color” who love, think and live the “wrong” way.

But it seems I really should have been paying more attention to Mayer and his very telling thoughts.The critics weren’t anonymous trolls on the Internet. Here’s a man who’s going to decide crucial issues for the country and he has already said no to blacks; he has already said if he can’t paint himself white he’ll think white and marry a white woman.” Howard University’s Afro-American Studies Chair Russell Adams accused Thomas of racism against all blacks for falling in love with someone outside his race. They worked for major media outlets and institutions of higher learning. “His marrying a white woman is a sign of his rejection of the black community,” Adams told The Washington Post. You know that invitation that allows you to say anything that comes to your mind about black people without fear that Jesse Jackson or Rev.Al Sharpton will be picketing outside your door the next day.