Define accommodating

09 Apr

The duty to accommodate requires employers to make every reasonable effort, short of undue hardship, to accommodate workers who fall under a ground of discrimination within human rights legislation.

An important Supreme Court decision (“Meiorin”) defined what the duty to accommodate means.

“The idea that a man who was physically dragged off the plane, wailing in pain as blood rushed out of his head, was just ‘re-accommodated’ is grotesque,” he said.

Accommodated party is a party to an instrument for whose benefit an accommodation party signs and incurs liability on the instrument.

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Particularly, it focused on the cognitive and affective processes underlying individuals' convergence and divergence through speech.As you continue down the graph, it becomes speed-strength and finishes with speed, where force is at its lowest and velocity is at its highest.United Airlines said a man wouldn't give up his spot on a flight.S/he is the person for whose benefit an accommodation is made. § 3-103, when an instrument is issued for value given for the benefit of a party to the instrument and another party to the instrument signs the instrument for the purpose of incurring liability on the instrument without being a direct beneficiary of the value given for the instrument, the instrument is signed by the accommodation party for accommodation.