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17 Jun

But she says he messaged her with an opportunity for a publicity stunt (read: make Sevyn jealous) in exchange for promoting her jewelry business. B posted a pair of Instagram videos letting fans know he was a single man, while setting the record straight on his "deal" with Briteady. Hell yeah, Bobby Ray will try to promote your jewelry line, if Bobby Ray is trying to smash." Sevyn has yet to speak on the split.

"Why are y'all blowing everything out of proportion 'cause Bobby Ray tryna smash?

Seeing an on-screen couple together, hanging out with boyfriend and girlfriend are what most fans like to see because that helps the on-screen matchup to look better.

Caption: Bellamy and Clarke's goodbye kiss in season 2.

Bob Morley is an actor famously known for his role in ' The 100' as Bellamy Blake, and this is where it all starts.

Bob Morley and his co-star from ' The 100' Eliza Taylor are the ones who fans wish to see together.

Though after "Eric's Burger Job" when Tina appeared briefly, she was never seen again.

have broken up, and a new mystery woman could have something to do with it.

After "Vanstock", no other child other than Donna had been mentioned or seen, making Donna an only child.

Some believe that Tina had ran away do to anxiety issues and not being as loved as Donna. Though Eric and Donna always say they have known each other forever, in "Class Picture" show them meeting when they are older.

Fans suspected the two were no longer a couple when the 26-year-old rapper started posting pictures of his new bae on Instagram. Shortly after showing off his new girl and subsequently getting dragged, Bobby Ray’s bae’s bestie hopped on IG and claimed he reached out to her friend and set this whole ish up, and promised the homewrecking storyline would be good PR for her jewelry line.

Bestie also posted receipts in the form of text messages.