Dating vintage canning jars

28 Jan

The evolution of fruit or canning jars parallels the science of food preservation, which itself was an attempt to address a critical need.For centuries, rural farmers and the poor struggled to find ways to preserve food for the winter.Because, like any other collectable, price is dictated by rarity, collectability, and condition.Most mason jars you may come across in the antique store, an old fruit cellar, or elsewhere are generally valued between five and fifteen dollars; these are the most common jars.Apparently you can use Mason jars to make centerpieces and glassware at your wedding, layered salads, lighting fixtures, air fresheners, flower vases, soap dispensers…

Ball no longer manufactures the ubiquitous canning jars, but we’ve expanded and grown into a worldwide metal packaging company that makes billions of recyclable metal containers, and a unique aerospace business that designs one-of-a-kind solutions to answer scientific and technical challenges.

Dating the Logo Locating Other Identifying Marks Knowing What Marks and Labels to Disregard Community Q&A Ball mason jars are a type of home canning jar made by the Ball Corporation.

The company started making mason jars back in 1880, and many people today still use these for canning, or collect the jars as a hobby.

Leybourne has dedicated nearly fifty pages of his book to Ball jars, the most valuable being the “Ball Perfection” (not to be confused with Perfect Mason) line of jars ranging in value between 0 and 00.

There are also a few so rare that they have never been evaluated for a price.