Who is chief keef dating

05 Jun

Word on the street is that the Chicago rapper is said to be dating this 23-year-old scripper named, wait for it…”Couture”.

Sorry, but nothing about this jawn’s body-suited, dressing room, camera phone pic suggests Couture or any other level of high fashion sense.

From what Bossip sources tell us she dances at 2 of the most well-known shakey-butt clubs in the A, Onyx and Follies.

They say money can’t buy you love, but as far as we’re concerned money is the ONLY thing make a lady love Mr.

The announcement included a photoshopped image of Morgan and Chief Keef looking like a happy couple, and she only learned about the prank after one relative phoned up to inquire about her relationship.

Posing as his 20-year-old sister, Zach penned a letter writing: 'Happy holidays, everyone!

Selena Gomez posted a selfie on Instagram earlier today featuring Chief Keef along with a caption saying “I think I love Sosa”, which also featured a kissy face emoji.The judge will allow him to travel internationally for work purposes, but he has to get cleared from his probation officer before he goes anywhere. Apparently, cops pulled his green Lamborghini over after the passenger (reportedly named Cortez Mc Elrath) in Keef’s ride hopped out of his car and allegedly handed something to someone in a gray Altima behind them.It’s reported the cops saw the exchange go down, and that prompted them to pull over Keef’s vehicle and launch a drug investigation.We do not know why she deleted the photo or why she even posted it in the first place, but we think it was to make Justin Bieber envious in some way.Although the picture was deleted in less than an hour, we managed to take a screenshot of the post before it was taken down, check it out below: Well, I guess Selena Gomez does love Sosa now, right guys?