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11 Jul

Once I understood my role in the situation, I could move onto the next step of transformation: Choosing to believe a different reality. This is the only way for me to get what I really want, which is a relationship with someone who is completely available to me. Do you have a pattern in relationships that you're ready to change?

If so, answer the following questions to begin your process of transformation: .

Even though all this is true, you better believe I still felt annoyed, frustrated and disheartened when the man I was intimately involved with began to feel "unavailable" to me. This, believe it or not, is what keeps things interesting. I started by asking myself some tough questions: What are the ways I'm being unavailable in this relationship? I got involved with a man, then moved across the country! The reason I did all these unavailable things was because I feared commitment.

What beliefs are keeping me from fully committing to another person? I feared losing myself, feeling trapped, love not lasting, feeling stifled, feeling limited, on and on. I'm committed to doing so, so I know I'm on my way.

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The guy that was once in hot pursuit of you suddenly becomes aloof and cold. I mean you are at the stage where you want the steam in your relationship to be firing on all cylinders.You know you have that special chemistry you’ve been waiting for your whole life. He understands you so well that he can complete your sentences.But when you are looking for The most common signs that your guy is emotionally unavailable (and what to do about it) are: Make no mistake.The partner first, thinks that the problem in the relationship comes from him or her.The partner will not know what or how to restore the balance that was there.