Rihanna and chris brownteen dating violence Italiani sex chat

15 Jul

We all say and do things we later regret, but domestic violence does not 'take two.

No woman can make a man hit her; violence is a choice he makes and he alone is responsible for it.

Nowadays relationships are not ending with “And they lived happily ever after” like in Cinderella or Snow White.

In fact, dating violence has increased 40 percent since 1999, according to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Speaking about the distressing incident, Rihanna later told Vanity Fair: 'I just never understood that, like how the victim gets punished over and over. I just was getting high.'In 2012 Chris and Rihanna reconciled and dated briefly before splitting again the following year.

'It’s in the past, and I don’t want to say "Get over it," because it’s a very serious thing that is still relevant; it’s still real.'A lot of women, a lot of young girls, are still going through it. It’s not a subject to sweep under the rug, so I can’t just dismiss it like it wasn’t anything, or I don’t take it seriously.'But, for me, and anyone who’s been a victim of domestic abuse, nobody wants to even remember it. So to talk about it and say it once, much less 200 times, is like … It didn’t sit well with me.'Chris said in his 2017 documentary about the incident: 'I felt like a f***ing monster.

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It all goes back to the traditional role of men being “macho.” Though there is more gender equality than ever in education and the workforce, the media continues to portray men as aggressive and women as passive.Blaming the victim is another way perpetrators maintain control over their victims, it shifts the responsibility to the woman.Manipulating her into thinking she is responsible is a ploy abusers use to deflect from their violent and controlling behaviour.In the glitzy melodrama of their willfully entangled lives, both are eager to scrub the ugly past from their shared history.RELATED: Rihanna, Chris Brown reunite — at least on songs On Monday, the ex-couple unleashed remixes of two songs: Brown’s “Turn Up The Volume” and Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake.” The marketing-driven collaborations arrived in the wake of the Grammy Awards, during which Brown performed and won a trophy, suggesting the besieged music industry is also eager to forgive and forget.