Guide to dating a derby girl

30 Sep

In college, I hung out with an assortment of ravers, punks and people in indie rock bands but always felt most comfortable as an observer, preferring to nerd out in the offices of my college newspaper.

I majored in journalism and made a career out of observing and asking questions about things in which, ethically, I could not participate.

From a mere handful of leagues in the United States just a few years ago, there are now more than 17,000 skaters in more than 400 leagues around the world, with hundreds of thousands of die-hard fans.

Down and Derby will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the sport.

The following is a story from Truckstop and Star Stormer of the Columbia Quad Squad, and it is a success story!

Star and I met playing roller derby in the fall of '07.

Predator-in-Chief: I've played competitive team sports my entire life. I didn't want whatever it was that was broken to stop me from getting married and living the life I was raised to think would make me happy.

Informative, entertaining, and executed with the same tough, sassy, DIY attitude — leavened with plenty of humor — that the sport is known for, Down and Derby is the first and last book on derby you’ll ever need.

But after nearl When most Americans hear the words “roller derby” today, they think of the kitschy sport once popular on weekend television during the seventies and eighties.

But after nearly dying out in the nineties, derby has been making a comeback.

Did you ever share your feelings with your husband?

Predator-in-Chief: Denial is an understatement when it comes to me.